We are a dedicated art organization to ensure that every child explores, discovers and develops their creative abilities by experimenting with art. “No child left behind!"

Serving the Los Angeles County, and surrounding cities, we provide engaging art workshops with hands on activities for youth and families. Our enrichment art programs are designed to facilitate our youth’s creative abilities and foster their life skills. 

The need for art is not being fulfilled, and some youth are not making the grade. Art assists with our thinking, feeling, relating, and coordinating abilities. When we’re engaged in art, we express ourselves, we stimulate our five senses, we use our eye-hand coordination; furthermore, art allows us to solve problems while creating an art project, and at the same time, we enhance our self- esteem, friendship and teamwork skills. 

“Making the Connection”
Artistic Art Journeys aims to bridge the gap by incorporating art education in our youth’s daily lives. By raising community awareness that art is a vital part of our nature, we can teach parents and youth the important of art and assist them with the understanding of how art connects with history, culture, art appreciation and the ability to express oneself. By creating art, we actually learn by doing and that is an essential component of our development. Art and culture are essential components in the development of our society.

Our Organization will provide our at-potential youth with opportunities and experiences they will cherish throughout their life. Imagination is more that a mere thought. It is the beginning of Creation. 

smART Track 
“Promoting, Networking, Researching”

Guiding youth to their art destination!

 Escorting our youth to the next level assisting and providing information to excel in a Visual Art Field that meets the needs of the youth.

Come let’s take a journey, artistically speaking

Have your creative desires fulfilled it’s important as breathing!

Come and experience art in its many exuberant forms and fashions

Enjoy the fun excitement and the passion!

Come and play part in the unfolding of our art organization

That’s serving to nurture,  and breathe hope and inspiration!

Explore the arts, experiment with artistic creations your heart desires!

Come and take a trip with 

Artistic Art Journey!